Elderly care services in the City of Stockholm

Elderly care services in the City of Stockholm are for people who have reached the age of 65 and require help and support in their daily lives, or who need to move into a different kind of housing.

Examples of elderly care services include personal security alarms, home care services, daytime activities, and nursing and care homes. The City of Stockholm charges a fee for elderly care services.

Apply for elderly care services

You need to apply for most aspects of elderly care services. The district council’s assistance case officers make the decisions. Your needs determine how much assistance you can get.

Äldre Direkt can help you in contacting an assistance case officer in your district.

Phone: 08-80 65 65.
E-mail: aldredirekt@stockholm.se

Once a decision has been made, you can choose the provider you wish to use. There are municipal and private providers.

Personal security alarm

A personal security alarm (trygghetslarm) is a portable alarm bell that you can use at home 24 hours a day. When you press the alarm bell, you will be put in contact with the City of Stockholm’s emergency call centre.

Home care services

Home care services (hemtjänst) can help with anything from cleaning to cooking, or nursing care several times a day. Home care services enable you to stay living at home and feel safe and secure in your day-to-day life.

Keyless home care

Keyless home care is safe for you and for your home. Instead of an ordinary key, the home care staff have a digital key to your home. You will continue to use your ordinary key just like before.

Day centre activities

You can come to a day centre (dagverksamhet) to meet others and take part in various activities, or just be in the company of others. If you need, transport to and from the day centre can be arranged.

Nursing and care homes

Nursing and care homes (vård- och omsorgsboende) offer round-the-clock services and care. These homes provide all the assistance you need.