Keyless home care – for those who have the home care service or a security alarm

Keyless home care is safe for you. It’s safer for your home and easier for home care staff.

Staff working in home care currently have copies of keys to all the homes they have to visit. This is quite a cumbersome system.

We are now starting to replace this with what we call keyless home care. This means that instead of an ordinary key, staff have a digital key to your home. This key only works during a member of staff’s shifts. At the end of the shift, the digital key stops working.

You continue to use your key in the usual way

For the home care service’s digital key to work, we must install a special lock around the lock on your door. Staff from the home care service can use this special lock to open your door with their digital key.

The special lock does not affect your ordinary lock. You will continue to use your ordinary key just like before.

Help will arrive sooner

If you have a security alarm and need help, help can arrive sooner
if we have keyless home care. Home care staff can come straight to your home. They will no longer have to go to the office first to collect the key to your home.

You will get your keys back

Once we have fitted all the special locks, staff will receive training in how the system works. You will then get back the keys to your home that the home care service had.

It may therefore take some time from when we have fitted all the special locks until we return your keys.

Want to know more?

There is more information about keyless home care
on this website:

The website is in Swedish.